Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this work with my insurance, captive or self insured?

    • Yes. We only recover from the at-fault party or the loaner/rental customer’s insurance. Captives and insurance carriers love working with us, and many refer their clients to us as an added benefit.

  • Is there any cost?

    • There are no upfront cost or fees. We work strictly on performance so we are perfectly aligned with your interests. No one is more motivated to maximize your recovery than ACM!

  • Are you an insurance company?

    • No, ACM is comprised of damage recovery experts and not insurance or an insurance product. Partnering with ACM will not affect your insurance premiums, if anything, it could lower them. You will simply notify your carrier “for reporting purposes only” and let them know we will handle the damage recovery with the at-fault insurance company. All communication with the at-fault insurance will go through ACM, which simplifies the process for our clients.

  • What about old damage recovery files? Can I get Loss of Revenue if the physical damage has been paid?

    • Yes. If your insurance carrier has paid for physical damage and recovered from the at fault party, we can pursue Loss of Revenue/Use and Diminution of Value provided there are policy limits and it is within the statute of limitations. We can also recover physical damage if it was not previously paid (and is still within the state statute) with proper documentation.

  • Do I have to sign a Contract?

    • There is a simple Service Agreement that outlines ACM’s commission structure, confidentiality and Notice of Representation, which is sometimes requested by insurance companies to represent you.

  • Do I have to send you every damage file?

    • No, we do not require you to send us all of your damage recovery files, but we are confident that you will experience the full value of our services by doing so. The sooner we can get involved, the better the outcome and settlement.

  • How will I know the status of my claim?

    • We have an online portal: Tracker, powered by Salesforce (the world’s best CRM), that allows you to submit damage recovery files, check their status and communicate with our client service team 24/7. Each client will have an Account Executive and Client Service Lead Agent to contact with any questions along the way.

  • I have a lot of old damage recovery files I’d like you to go through, how can I get them to you?

    • We can send you a prepaid FedEx label to mail the files to us (we will scan and return them to you), you can upload them via our online portal, scan and email them to us, or we can arrange an on-site visit to go through your old claims to find uncollected or under-collected insurance funds you may be owed. We do all the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your business!

  • Where are you located?

    • Our main office is in San Antonio, TX and we have a commercial office in Orlando, FL. We have remote employees in various areas in the U.S. who can travel to you, explain our program and benefits, or we will be happy to schedule a conference call with your leadership team at a convenient time for you. We will also follow up to provide training for your staff on our process and online claim system, and can send you reference materials on claims submission along with best practices for documenting accidents.